Liberty To


“DREAM BIG” is a vibrant mural in the heart of Liberty Village. It encapsulates the neighbourhood's essence, diversity, and love. Each layer of paint represents a facet of Liberty Village, while hearts symbolize the community's love and connections. The mural's colours mirror the neighbourhood's liveliness and creativity. It celebrates the tech startups, local artisans, and cultural diversity that make Liberty Village unique. “DREAM BIG” invites viewers to join its story. It encourages them to embrace the spirit of ambition and community that defines Liberty Village and pursue their dreams with an open heart. This mural reflects the viewer's aspirations and inspires them to dream big.

Anthony Ricciardi is a renowned multi-disciplinary artist from Toronto, Canada that has travelled internationally showcasing his artwork and murals. His collections have been showcased globally in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Sydney, Manchester, Puerto Rico, Antigua, Montreal and Sao Paolo. He has curated large scale artwork and clothing for notable celebrities and has collaborated with major brands such as Disney, Adidas, Coors Light and L'Oreal.