In June 2016 Lifetime Developments commissioned artist Ben Johnston to paint two large-scale murals within the Liberty Market Building’s Galleria that reflect the vibrancy, industrial history, and entrepreneurial culture of Liberty Village. These murals are strong statement pieces and capture the essence of the work hard, live well community, while showcasing Ben Johnston’s unique bold, vintage-inspired typographic flare. The two murals, Hustle and Love Liberty, are distinctly different and incorporate different surfaces, materials and feelings into their form.
Bold and distinct, the murals are photo-worthy neighbourhood icons and feature #LoveLibertyTO, a new hashtag created by the developer to celebrate Liberty Village and encourage a shared conversation about why residents, tenants and visitors alike love the unique charm of Liberty Village.

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnston was challenged to create a strong statement for the neighbourhood that would capture its urban vibrancy, industrial history, entrepreneurial culture, and the resounding sense of pride within the community. “We wanted the verbiage and aesthetic for each mural to stand the test of time and pay homage to the Liberty Village community and the people who live, work and play here,” says Ben. “We created these murals in a way that is intended to bring the words and sentiment to fruition in the most captivating way possible… and at the end of the day every mural has its own original way of coming to life.” Both murals reflect Ben’s bold, typographic, and vintage-inspired flare.